Content Partner Guidelines


Comcast is committed to the creation and delivery of Interactive Broadband products and services that enable people to simplify and enhance their lives.  The Comcast Local Media Development (“LMD”) department manages services designed to strengthen delivery and discovery of local content, including Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) programming.  A list of such websites can we found at (the “Web Services“).

LMD Web Services are designed to supplement new and existing content efforts from providers, producers and other sources of local content and events like agencies, community organizations and City officials.

Web Services provides communities with a wonderful opportunity for local organizations, including public, education, and governmental access media to gain web, mobile and marketing resources.    To provide those services, below we describe what is expected of our Content Partners in a relationship with Comcast through participation in Web Services.


  • We believe that it is important for all of us to treat each other with consideration and respect.
  • The behaviors that we demonstrate reflect the attitude of respect and dignity for all.
  • Our goal is to provide a safe and professional interactive media environment for all community members
  • With the restrictions described below understood, no Comcast staff or agent will exercise editorial control over video content

Therefore, the following standards for Content Partners have been developed.  Violation of any one of these standards can result in loss of privileges on Web Services.  As such, Comcast and its agents have full authority and discretion to deny access privileges as and when it deems appropriate.

The Web Services are a medium for expression and free speech.  No individual will be denied the use of the Web Services on the basis of race, sex, age, physical disability, religion, or political belief.  It is hoped that Content Partners will utilize this resource as a means to distribute a wide variety of programs.

Comcast or an agent of Comcast will provide access to training materials in the use of the Web Services along with technical assistance for ongoing use. Neither the Comcast staff nor agents of Comcast are available to serve as a production crew to make programs or cover events for Content Partners.

Comcast reserves the right to review all definitions and policies contained in this, and related, documents and has the discretion to interpret, implement and make changes as deemed necessary.


  • An entity may become a Content Partner through an application available on the Web Services
  • Content must be: (a) created locally, (b) about the local market or (c) directly related to the local community
  • Assets may include any combination of videos, events, projects, images and interactive media.
  • Content Partners are fully responsible for the content of all program material
  • Content Partners have program rights and privileges as outlined in the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy

For all Content Partners

  • Any video content on Web Services is eligible for Local VideoOnDemand
  • Upon notification to the Content Partner, they may be placed in folders that align with the website categories if it meets a minimum level of monthly consumer activity online


  • Programming must meet minimum technical quality standards.
  • Video quality must be sufficient to achieve a stable picture during playback.  Unstable video may result in the program being rejected.
  • Audio quality must be constant and of sufficient level to permit adequate reproduction during playback
  • If an abnormal number of production problems with videos, (i.e. poor audio or video), is observed the Content Partner may be asked to re-apply
  • Video OnDemand technical specifications will be supplied as needed or requested


Adhere to policies – Strict following of all elements of the Content Partner Guidelines, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines

Prohibited Material

  • Political advertising – Message promoting any person who has publicly announced candidacy by formal declaration and meets the legal qualifications for office
  • Commercial advertising – Calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, candidate, etc. for profit-making purposes.  Includes solicitation of money for such through text, video or images
  • Libel – Written, printed, or character generated statement(s) that damage a person’s reputation.  Signs or pictures may also constitute libel.
  • Obscene material – Material which fits the legal definition of obscene or indecent material under local and state laws
  • Slander – A false oral statement that is meant to defame a person’s character
  • Privacy & publicity – Material that invades privacy or publicity rights, or which may violate any other local, state or federal law
  • Property damage & injury- Program material that creates:
    • The immediate danger of damage to property or injury to persons
    • The obstruction of law enforcement or functions or services
    • The deprivation of any person by threat, threat of force or physical action through the exercise of a legal right, or
    • The disturbance of any person in the enjoyment of a legal right; or the creation of a public nuisance
    • Lotteries – Lotteries or lottery information except as allowed by FCC regulations.
      • Lotteries are defined as “any game, contest, or promotion that combines the elements of prize, chance, and consideration.”
      • Violators may be subject to fines and even criminal penalties for lotteries which are not authorized or otherwise permissible by the state.  Exceptions include when conducted by a non-profit or governmental organization

Underwriting and Sponsorship is allowed – Goods, services, or in-kind contributions that aid in developing and improving a program are permitted.  Program end credits may include the name of underwriters or sponsors

Ownership – As stated in the Content License, Content Partners, by loading content into a Web Service, is representing that they have ownership of rights to all material and that the content does not violate any copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property.

Disclaimer – Comcast and Comcast agents reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to include the following notice alongside, before and/or after a program: “The views expressed on the following [or “preceding”] program are those of the individual producer and do not necessarily reflect those of Comcast.  Comcast is not responsible for the production or quality of the program being cablecast.”