Community Guidelines

Removing user accounts: The guidelines below are intended to keep discussions on LMD Web Services informative, friendly and respectful. If you violate these guidelines, we may remove your submission and/or deactivate your account.

Also, please remember that a user’s participation on LMD Web Services is judged as a whole. Recurring negative contributions even if not specifically addressed in the Community Guidelines, can still lead to the deactivation of a user’s account.

Respect your neighbors and practice good netiquette. Treat others as you would during a courteous face-to-face conversation.

Stay on-topic. We want to encourage conversation that is relevant to the community. If you’d like to discuss or submit content on an issue outside of the community focus, please be sure to mention how it relates to a specific location or issue in your community. Support questions and feedback should be sent using the feedback form.

Flag offensive or inappropriate messages. We need your help to keep conversations respectful and on-topic. Use the tools, forms and buttons on the LMD Web Services to bring inappropriate messages to our attention. (See below under “LMD Web Services Don’ts”)

Be a better member! This is a chance for you to contribute valuable information about your community. Thanks for being a part of the community.

Inappropriate Content – Don’t post inappropriate videos, pictures or messages. This includes; videos, photos and messages that are unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, misrepresent another person or organization, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise clearly inappropriate. In addition, content that appears to be taken surreptitiously and in a private space are not allowed. In order to ensure a positive community experience, decisions by Comcast to remove content is based on a variety of factors including; complaints from other users, number of reports attached to posts, user history, and others. You will be notified if your post has been removed, see Terms of Use.

Personal Attack – Don’t post personal attacks. This includes directly or indirectly insulting another user (or group of users) by name-calling, labeling, making sweeping generalizations or posting accusations. This also applies to members in the community who may or may not be LMD Web Services users (for example business owners, elected officials, etc.). If you feel a discussion makes you uncomfortable or if you have lost interest, you can, depending on the specific LMD Web Service, unsubscribe, hide the discussion, or mute specific users.

Privacy Violation – Respect your neighbors’ privacy. Remember that LMD Web Services are public. Do not post contact information for yourself, other LMD Web Services users, or anyone else in the communities. This includes; addresses, phone numbers, email, or commercial information. The same applies when posting videos, photos or audio.

Libel – Don’t be libelous. LMD Web Services are not the places for posting rumors or gossip about your neighbors. Do not post falsehoods or misrepresentations of others portrayed as fact.

Copyright Violation – Respect copyright and other third-party rights. This includes rights of publicity and rights of privacy. If you’d like to share an article, provide your own commentary and post a link to the original source.

Advertisement – Don’t post advertisements or solicitations. (For example: “Stop by Joe’s Car Wash for 50 percent off tomorrow!” or “Check out my apartment for rent. It’s only $800 per month.”) However, you may share information that would be considered beneficial and of interest to the community, such as community events, concerts, activities or new businesses opening.

Spam – Don’t spam the community. Avoid repeatedly sending the same or substantially similar messages, empty messages, or messages which contain no substantive content.

Harmful Content – Don’t post links to viruses, spam, or potentially damaging content. Comcast reserves the right to remove such content. For more information visit the Terms of Use.

Deleting conversations or closing comments – Comcast has the right to delete or close comments on any conversation that includes offensive language, a series of personal attacks, excessive arguing, or has veered off-topic from the subject of the original message posting.

Multiple Accounts – Don’t set up or operate multiple accounts. Individuals are forbidden from creating and operating more than one account within a single LMD Web Service. If we discover that any user is operating multiple accounts, all accounts associated with that user will be removed.
Comcast staff may remove, modify or correct comments and posts that violate these guidelines or that are flagged many times by users. If you have any further questions or feel that your comments were unjustly removed, please contact us through the feedback form.

As a reminder, the Community Guidelines are subject to and incorporate the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If there’s a conflict between the Community Guidelines and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy overrule the guidelines.